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About Us

Our company provides services to investors in the management and development of mineral exploration projects by linking geo-statistical, data analysis, geological and geophysical modeling techniques in the preparation of site evaluation, feasibility, mineral resource exploration and reserve estimation reports in accordance with national and international standards.

It also solves the problems of its customers in the preparation of technical reports using geological and geophysical methods and versatile engineering methods needed in geotechnical projects.

Some of the important projects he participated in;

  • Arabia NEOM Project Multidimensional Geophysical Geotechnical Investigations – 2022-2023 (Within the scope of this project, a total of more than 1200 km of MASW surveys, more than 400 km of DTDEM, NTDEM, AMT, HVSR and more than 50 km of ERT field surveys were carried out in the entire NEOM site and processes, geophysical processes and reports were prepared under my leadership).
  • Onshore Geophysical and Geotechnical Investigations for Qatar South Wakrah Pumping Stations and Tunnels – 2022 (Within the scope of geophysical surveys carried out under my leadership, Seismic Refraction and MASW surveys were carried out at 5 meter intervals along the tunnel route passing through the city center along the entire 110 km line. In addition, cross-hole seismic surveys were carried out in 11 different tunnel shafts together with the main contractor and geophysical sections were prepared, reported and delivered).
  • MASW and Refraction Study, Fugro Sial, Sinop NPP Project – 2021 (Within the scope of this project, Seismic Refraction and MASW studies of 21 lines, approximately 50 km in total, were carried out and the results were delivered to the client).
  • Drone Magnetic Survey, Esan Mining, Giresun-Şebinkarahisar – 2020 (Within the scope of this project, a total area of 300 km was scanned in two different areas in 10 days and aerial magnetic anomalies were tried to be detected by drone).
  • Drone Magnetic Survey, Dimin Madencilik, Bingöl- Genç, Turkey – 2020 (Within the scope of this project, drone magnetic survey was carried out by drone over a total area of 600 km in 3 weeks.)
  • IP/Resistivity Survey, Esan Madencilik, Balıkesir – Balya – Turkey – 2020 (Within the scope of this project, approximately 50 km of IP/R survey was carried out in one month in difficult terrain conditions.)
  • IP/Resistivity Survey, Centerra Madencilik, Niğde-Kızılkaya-Turkey – 2020 (Within the scope of this project, approximately 100 km of IP/R survey was conducted in two months under challenging terrain conditions)
  • Hybrid Seismic Surveys – Assystem-Radicon, Saudi Arabia – Nuclear Power Plant Site Investigation – 2019 (Within the scope of this project, approximately 100 km Seismic Reflection and 150 km ERT studies were successfully completed)

High Efficiency

We are working hard to achieve the best data quality with high efficiency and minimize errors in the geophysical surveys we carry out.

Deep Commitment

We are deeply committed and determined to implement geophysical surveys at international standards in Turkey.

Superior Performance

We closely follow the developments in the field of geophysics in the world and strive to create the necessary opportunities for its implementation in our country.