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(ERT) Electrical Resistivity Tomography

The ERT method allows for more effective interpretation of geological structures by collecting high resolution data.
It allows to quickly obtain geological parameters such as possible aquifer points, karstic structures, fractured cracked points, fault discontinuities, salinity ratio, groundwater level along the line.

ERT Survey Application Areas

  • Fractures, fault and karst mapping
  • Space perception in urban environments
  • Determination of bedrock depth
  • Determination of landslide structures
  • Dam and embankment evaluation
  • Soil and bedrock lithology
  • Fresh water, salt water distinction
  • Aquifer characterisation
  • Water table depth
  • Contaminated areas


  • Elrec Terra 96 /SuperSting R8 84 Channel
  • 12 Volt Akü / Generator
  • TIP 6000 Transmitter