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Data Analysis – Modeling-Reporting

Conventional geological modeling is based on known information such as cross-section planes and borehole histograms. Especially in unexplored areas and deeper parts of old excavations, drilling is expensive, time consuming and requires skill. As a result, the right geophysical method must be used to obtain good geological information during the exploration phase. How to convert large amounts of geophysical data into a three-dimensional geologic model that geologists can see and feel is a problem to be solved.

SAGTech Geophysics provides services for processing, modeling and analysis of geophysical data.

Geophysical data is best interpreted in tight integration with geological data. We combine the most practical and effective geophysical forward modeling and inverse solution, 3D geological modeling and visualization technology to achieve meaningful, business-oriented results.

Our team works across the full spectrum of geophysical techniques. We provide analytical and interpretive value in ore deposit detectability analysis, survey design, 3D geological modeling, borehole targeting, contract geophysical surveying and 2-3 dimensional modeling of geophysical data.

Also by providing geophysical engineering consultancy services to companies. We provide reporting services in MAPEG and CRISCO formats in UMREK and JORC code standards with daily control, editing, processing, modeling of data obtained as a result of geophysical studies that companies apply or will apply in their own fields.

Geophysical Consultancy Services

  • Geophysical method design
  • Quality control
  • Project Management
  • 2D-3D Modeling
  • Field studies
  • Interpretation of soil and drilling data and drilling recommendations
  • Reporting in UMREK and CRIRSCO formats