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Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

UgCS-RadSys Drone GPR Systems

The UgCS RadSys GPR systems are designed specifically for integration with M300RTK, but other options for non-DJI drones are available.

RadSys 75MHz, 100MHz, 150MHz, 300MHz, 500MHz, and 1000MHz options
Data is tagged with RTK GPS precision through UgCS SkyHub
Data logging is started automatically at take-off and finished upon landing
Safer, quicker, and accurately repeatable surveys for seasonal/conditional variation

RadarTeam Cobra SE-Range

The Cobra Plug-In GPR can be used to investigate deep materials and structures up to 30m with drone deployment.  Applications include geotechnical safety, arctic or glacial research, groundwater and mineral prospecting, environmental surveys (Peat), Archaeology, and military and security.

  • SE-150 (124MHz), SE-70 (80MHz), SE-40 (52MHz)
  • Long wave enables fresh water bathymetry
  • Operates for 16 hours on single battery charge
  • 3.5kg/3.7kg/4.7kg weight enables mid-size drone deployment
  • Can be configured to receive RTK corrected GPS data
  • Fully integrated package using X4-1000 Cyclone UAV

RadarTeam Cobra CBD Wireless GPR

The Cobra CBD system is a rugged, compact and lightweight, integrated ground penetrating radar system, ideal for a wide range of applications. The wide operating bandwidth of the unit, 1350 MHz, and multi-frequency performance replaces older GPR systems requiring different antennas to be used for Shallow and Deeper targets.

  • Uses triple frequency antennas with 200, 400 and 800 MHz
  • 8 hours of operation using internal battery.
  • The possibility to calculate velocity from the frequency (unique feature)
  • Can be configured to receive RTK corrected GPS data
  • Fully integrated package using X4-1000 Cyclone UAV

Online Airborne UgCS GPR Training

UgCS GPR training course is the first of its kind in the world.
It consists of several modules where each module corresponds to a particular skill set required for the successful use of a GPR system integrated with a drone.

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