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Geophysical Environmental Investigations

As experts in a wide range of near-surface geophysical survey techniques, we provide a variety of geophysical services to address a variety of targeted environmental questions.

With practical geophysical techniques in near-surface geophysics, we can provide you with geophysical advice for your project. Leveraging our expertise in a wide range of geophysical techniques and applications, we can design an exploration program to suit a specific target or site environment.

We use up-to-date geophysical technologies to ensure our data is collected, processed and visualized to the highest standards.

Application Areas of Environmental Geophysics

  • Mapping of contaminant sites and dispersion
  • Mapping and monitoring before and after ground improvement
  • Locating and mapping metallic objects such as:
  1. Underground Storage Tanks
  2. Abandoned underground wells
  3. Septic tanks
  4. Drainage areas
  5. Storage areas
  • Conceptual Site Model (CSM) development including geological mapping
  • Groundwater – surface water research
  • Characterization and monitoring of hydrogeological processes (flooding, saltwater intrusion and mapping of aquifers)

Geophysical Methods We Use

  • Micro Gravity
  • Seismic
  • SP and Resistivity (ERT and VES)
  • IP/Resistivity
  • Geophysical Well Logs
  • Methane gas, radioactive etc. sensors.