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Marine Sensors

UgCS Bathymetry System

  • Supported sensors – drone Echosounder or drone GPR – can be selected based on the water depth, required sensitivity, and water properties
  • It is easy to transport deploy and has the ability to operate at hard to reach locations, unsafe or hazardous environment.Thus, it makes the drone bathymetry super convenient.
  • The drone makes bathymetric surveys 10 times faster and 2 times more cost-efficient compared with a standard approach using a ship, a boat or an unmanned surface vehicle.Thus, it allows acquiring seamless UAV bathymetry data of coastal and inland water bodies.

Sound Velocity SWIFT SVP

  • Speed of sound correction is a strict requirement for most engineering surveys as it is a direct contributor to the depth error and uncertainty.
  • A sound velocity profiler is a relatively simple device, which measures speed of sound in the water at the depth of the sensor.
  • The Valeport SWiFT SVP is a simple to use device which measures not only sound speed but also temperature. Water temperature by depth can be used to correct GPR bathymetry data, because speed of electromagnetic waves in the water depends largely on temperature.

Drone Water Sampling System

A UAV water sampling system for efficient and rapid deployment.

Traditional methods require direct access to the water body and samples are gathered from the shore, pier, bridge, or by boat. Acquiring samples at some distance from the bank without a boat or ship is now possible quickly. This UAV remote sampling system enables water sampling at long distances from the shore.

  • Fully automated
  • Sampling points precisely repeated
  • Different sampling depths to suit need
  • A few Km from shore within easy reach

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